Who are they?

Well, they are members of the management, what surprised and impressed us during the meeting with freshwell’s management is the vitality and self-confidence found among the whole team. in the times of chaos and crisis we have become so accustomed to gloom and doom that we are not used to hearing upbeat optimistic talk specially in our part of the world, Here is a sweet encounter we had with the freshwell’s Management,


A jolly team of young directors says that people can hold them accountable for the general rising weight in the public, we do not blame them for giving in to the temptation of freshwell's cakes, pies, cookies, breads... We ourselves are addicted to the relishing baked stuff prepared at freshwell, ‘Don't worry about the weight increase, stick to a regular exercise routine and keep enjoying both the life and freshwell's baked stuff opines one of the directors, ‘Manage your health as I manage the firm, intelligently, i.e. eat nutritious freshwell's baked instead of gorging your self up with unauthentic products on the market, ”says the other. Seems fair enough advice.

The Team

The dynamic workforce at freshwell bakers is headed by the more dynamic personality, Haji Abdul Qayoum { Owner}, Being extremely methodical. We tries to develop step-by- step approach to basics in all his affairs. No matter how well the performs. He is not satisfied because he is the type who would keep on striving for still greater achievements In life . And indubitably he is capable of doing so.

Mr. Haji Abdul Qayoum opnes that an organization can work miracles only through a dedicated, motivated team of workers. He is proud to have such a team that includes members. Few of whom have been in service since last 35 years and by now have become a valuable asset for the firm, These distinguished members Include

Haji Abdul Shakoor
Haji Abdul Rauf
Haji Abdul Ghafoor
Sohail Qayoum

They have been associated with Sales & Marketing for good period of time and are responsible for impressive performance and increasing growth rate of the firm.

This is the motto they all follows:

“We, the freshwell Bakery Company from Pakistan. out of our conviction for our profession and motherland . do hereby proclaim that collectively we will uphold ethical and moral values ,produces the highest quality baked good products possible sell them at an honest price & maintain exceptional customers satisfaction.”