Be assured. We bake Nutrition!

Health is your wealth. Preserver it by consuming baked goods at Freshwell. It is general misconception that foods prepared with grains like wheat are prone to increase weight. A study carried out at the Harvard University proves that grain foods are quite healthy and nutritious. Besides baked goods have lesser calories than the fried ones.

They offer the following benefits:
Grain food have been shown to decrease risk of cancer, heart diseases, birth defects, and diabetes.
They also help alleviate constipation and provide assistance in maintaining a healthful weight.

Numerous studies have shown that grain food, particularly breads and pasta, are protective against some cancer, including those affecting the colon, stomach, breast, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, prostate, ovary, bladder and kidney.

Eating insoluble, fiber-packed grain food each day (like whole-wheat and wheat bran) is important for proper bowel function at any age.

Grains can help you maintain healthful weight because they satisfy the appetite, delay hunger, and provide half the calories of fat. Grain also are easily burned by the body for energy.

Numerous studies show grain food, especially whole grain, are protective against diabetes, The lower Women's Health study and the Harvard study showed an inverse relationship between whole grain consumption and diabetes. In these same two studies, neither found an adverse effect from enriched grain consumption.