We are in the bakery business since half century. Freshwell Bakers have given the city of Rajanpur something it badly needed: tasty, hygienic and affordable baked stuff that one can eat without worrying about germs and health. The founders Chaudhary Abdul Qyoum & Chaudhary Abdul Rauf greatly missed quality and hygienic baked products on the market. He decided to start his own bakery server. This outlet was established in 1975 and had a steady clientele ever since.

Initially, Mr. Abdul Qyoum was able to lay down the foundation of his baking business with the support and good will of his brothers Chaudhary Abdul Shakoor, Chaudhry Abdul Rauf , Chaudhary Abdul Ghafoor and Sohail Qyoum.

They were resolved to make most of themselves. Together they struggled to turn their humble baking store into the most thriving business around.